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Cypress on Sauce Labs

Cypress is an end-to-end JavaScript testing framework that you can use to test your web apps either locally in Docker or remotely on Sauce Labs cloud using the saucectl CLI. This gives you the flexibility to run your tests in the environment that best suits your organization, while still benefiting from the Sauce Labs vast collection of devices, browser, and operating system combinations and test result data analytics.

System Requirements

You can run saucectl locally via Docker (Installation Requirements) or remotely via the Sauce Labs cloud, so system requirements vary depending on your intention. The following reference serves as a general guide:

  • OS: 10.14+ (Mojave, Catalina, or Big Sur)
  • Docker: Desktop

Supported Languages

JavaScript is supported out of the box. TypeScript and Cucumber are also supported, but require additional dependencies at runtime. See our example repo for working end-to-end examples.

Supported Testing Platforms

Sauce Labs supports the following test configurations for Cypress:

Cypress VersionSupported PlatformsSupported BrowsersEnd of Life
12.3.0macOS: 11.00, 12Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Webkit (Experimental)Jan 15, 2024
Windows: 10, 11
11.2.0macOS: 11.00, 12Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Webkit (Experimental)Nov 30, 2023
Windows: 10, 11
10.10.0macOS: 11.00, 12Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Webkit (Experimental)Oct 20, 2023
Windows: 10, 11
10.7.0macOS: 11.00, 12Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft EdgeSep 7, 2023
Windows: 10, 11
10.3.1macOS: 11.00, 12Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft EdgeJul 29, 2023
Windows: 10, 11
9.7.0macOS: 11.00, 12Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft EdgeJun 6, 2023
Windows: 10, 11
9.5.3macOS: 11.00, 12Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft EdgeApr 16, 2023
Windows: 10, 11
9.3.1macOS: 11.00Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft EdgeFeb 2, 2023
Windows: 10
9.1.0Windows: 10Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft EdgeNov 29, 2022
8.6.0Windows: 10Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft EdgeOct 13, 2022

How to Get Started

Cypress Plugin for Sauce Labs

If you would prefer to stay in Cypress, try the new Cypress Sauce Labs Plugin. Connect to your Sauce Labs account from within your Cypress project to configure and run your tests directly from Cypress.


Special Characters in Test Names

We recommend that you avoid the use of special characters when naming your tests. If your test name contains any special characters, your test may not run or its artifacts may not be visible in our platform.

Firefox 101 + Windows

Cypress does not currently work with Firefox 101 on Windows.

Firefox 105

Cypress does not currently work with Firefox 105. See for more information.