Cypress on Sauce Labs

Cypress is a JavaScript front end web application testing framework. saucectl -- the Sauce Labs test orchestrator CLI allows you to run Cypress tests directly from your existing Cypress project.

  • Don't have Cypress yet? saucectl can set up your initial project directory and give you a sample test to run.
  • Already running Cypress? Let saucectl run your tests in the Sauce Labs Cloud, where you have access to thousands of OS/browser combinations and Sauce Labs analytics.

What You'll Need#

Quick Start#

You can run a working Cypress sample test in under ten minutes!

Install saucectl#

Begin by installing the saucectl CLI in the root directory of your existing Cypress project or your intended directory.

npm install -g saucectl

Link Your Sauce Labs Account#

saucectl requires access to a valid Sauce Labs account.

  1. Run the configure command:
    saucectl configure
  2. Enter your Sauce Labs Username and Access Key at the prompts.
  3. Add credentials.yml to your .gitignore file to protect it from unintended exposure.

Set up Your Cypress Project#

Using saucectl to run your Cypress tests and view them in the Sauce Labs app requires a directory structure that includes the Cypress project and the Sauce configuration keys. Please clone our cypress example repository.

Run Tests#

Use the run command to execute the sample test included with the saucectl installation or whichever test suites you have defined in the configuration file.

saucectl run

The console displays the executing tests, distinguishing which mode is running.

The results and test assets are immediately available in the Sauce Labs dashboard:

Cypress Test Results
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