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Sauce Labs Insights

Insights is the reporting and analytics hub of your Sauce test suite. In it, you will find an interactive data center that can help you interpret your test results over time, identify failure patterns across different platforms, understand how parallel tests can improve your build efficiency, and home in on areas of your app that might benefit from deeper testing.

Learn more about how to use Insights to help you get the most out of your test results.

Customize the Insights Scope

Learn about the different ways in which you can filter and expand the test views to isolate the most relevant data.

Evaluate a Test Over Time

Look at a test's result history to pinpoint when failures were introduced and in what configurations.

Compare Statistical Trends

See how different tests perform on the same platforms or devices to spot pervasive issues.

Analyze Failure Patterns

Let Sauce machine learning evaluate your test suite to detect underlying weaknesses in your tests or app.

Measure Coverage

See how many different browser and device variations your tests cover.


Use our debugging tools to dig into specific test failures and pinpoint root causes.